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Creating a Home Lab with VMware (Part 3)

It's Alive! This post is going to be the first step in creating actual VMs that we are going to be using in our lab environment. First, [...]

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How We Can Save You Thousands in IT Infrastructure Expenses

Repetitive tasks are for machines.   I was heading through a drive thru at my local fast food shop to pick up my pancake and syrup soaked [...]

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Is Microsoft Office 365 Right For Your Business?

What is Microsoft Office 365 Email? Microsoft Office 365 Email is a cloud-based email subscription service that provides a speedy, protected email system that is always available. [...]

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Creating a Home Lab with VMware (Part 2)

Here We Go Again Now it's time to get started on building the infrastructure of our virtual system. If you didn't read the first part please check [...]

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Creating a Home Lab with VMware (Part 1)

A Little Intro For a while now I've been wanting to create my own home lab outside of work. The reasons for this have spanned from testing [...]

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Where Are You in the Virtualization Lifecycle?

It was sometime in the mid 70’s when my dad brought home a microwave oven. It was a behemoth of an appliance and took up almost half [...]

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