Downtime is costly

Businesses struggle to keep data safe and under control. Managing networks, servers, documents and accounting files can be frustrating.

  • Are you wearing too many hats?
  • Does your business lack a dedicated IT staff?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by your data systems?

At CNWR we have solutions that can protect and optimize your systems to let you focus on providing value to your clients.  Stop focusing on your technology and focus on your business instead.

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More and more these days we’ve seen businesses struggling to bounce back from costly downtime, often caused by mismanaged or vulnerable IT systems.

With CNWR you are not alone.

Our managed IT services and solutions are made around you and designed to fit your unique business needs and we appreciate how important it is to be nimble in business and online. We’ll keep you up to date, and running smooth on the many varieties of software platforms and systems that your organization relies on.

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Eric Bergman

The accessibility of CNWR surprised us the most. When I call, the people there even know my voice. They know who I am from the offset. When we have a problem, we are able to get a hold of CNWR.

We recognize a lot of times [for us] the interface issues are a concern between one program, or system, and another—and those you can't always anticipate ahead of time. The resolution of those issues are fantastic.

Bird and Exotic Pet Wellness Center

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Paul Rickman

The two best things about CNWR are response time and the fact that older staff at UAW Local 12 isn't given any criticism or ridicule [from the CNWR team for something] that is probably simple to some, but over our heads. They have a very good, to use a nursing term, bedside manner. No geek speak, they put it into terms we understand.

UAW Local 12

CNWR Blog Articles & Whitepapers

VoIP Services & OITVOIP Partner of the Month

We recognize that efficient communication is a must for business. CNWR enables our partners to connect with their clients via OITVOIP, a Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service. With OITVOIP we assist in helping our partners to stay in touch with their clients in seamless fashion, while also modernizing the services they use through Online Fax, Software Phones, and Mobile Applications.

Working From Home

We're all in this together and adjusting to working from home is part of our days now. Let us help you get comfortable in your setup and stay productive. Working from home isn't a new thing and has been a part of business for years. So let's review...

Security in the tools we use

As more and more critical business functions come to rely on technology, it becomes increasingly important to keep on on the security of tools in use.  The rate of discovery of security vulnerabilities in tools in all industries has been increasing as the race between bad actors and IT professionals increase.  Even the Managed Service Provider space has not been spared.