Headshot of Dr. Christine Ravary, D.V.M.
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Dr. Christine Ravary, D.V.M.

You guys are very prompt. It's not uncommon, we've had maybe a handful of times, where we come in at 7am and something is down. It's nice that when something is down at 7, at 2pm we're still not waiting for it to come back up again.

Temperance Animal Hospital

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Eric Bergman

The accessibility of CNWR surprised us the most. When I call, the people there even know my voice. They know who I am from the offset. When we have a problem, we are able to get a hold of CNWR.

We recognize a lot of times [for us] the interface issues are a concern between one program, or system, and another—and those you can't always anticipate ahead of time. The resolution of those issues are fantastic.

Bird and Exotic Pet Wellness Center

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Paul Rickman

The two best things about CNWR are response time and the fact that older staff at UAW Local 12 isn't given any criticism or ridicule [from the CNWR team for something] that is probably simple to some, but over our heads. They have a very good, to use a nursing term, bedside manner. No geek speak, they put it into terms we understand.

UAW Local 12