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Founded in 1995, CNWR, Inc. is the premier IT consulting company serving Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. CNWR specializes in a wide range of services from network integration to virtualization. We can tailor our IT services and solutions from small to medium sized businesses and large enterprises.

Meet our Team

We expertly combine our services in order to provide you with customized help and support to give you exactly what you need. We strive to provide best in class support for our consulting staff. Our innovative approach starts with an analysis of what your company needs for complete success so that we can ensure a perfect fit between you and our services.

Headshot of Allen Rioux

Allen Rioux


Founder and Owner of CNWR, Allen has a proven background in technology companies, with skills in business development, customer relations and account management, as well as expertise in several technical areas.

Headshot of Jason Slagle

Jason Slagle

Vice President of Technology

Coming from a background in Enterprise System Administration, Jason has a wealth of experience in Unix / Linux, Server Administration, Networking, and System Architecture. Jason enjoys building bike ramps, releasing CVEs, and drinking coffee.

Headshot of Jeff Nissen

Jeff Nissen

Director of Sales

Jeff is a certified SCUBA Diver which fits in perfectly with his need to dive into the trenches to resolve issues for our clients. While he gets the sales tag, Jeff is an engineer at heart and cares about solving problems.

Headshot of Matt Clark

Matt Clark

Director of Managed Services

Matt is a master of VMware and server administration with a sturdy background in networking and cloud based solutions. In his free time Matt loves to run and listen to sci-fi audiobooks and play D&D.

Headshot of Steve Marlow

Steve Marlow

Senior System Administrator

Long ago Steve was bitten by a hybrid Wanderlust / System Administration bug and has not looked back since. Using ancient script-fu, he continues to show excellence in the areas of Server Administration, Puppet, Unix / Linux, and Networking.

Headshot of Noel Hahn

Noel Hahn

Director of Advanced Enterprise Services

With experience in enterprise development, Noel is experienced in agile software development both front and back end. While not being a workaholic, Noel loves to do home repair and lose in the CNWR fantasy football league.

Headshot of Aaron Melby

Aaron Melby

Systems Engineer

Music lover and Windows wizard, Aaron is well experienced with windows server administration. He is well versed with all things windows from Printing to Powershell.

Headshot of Justin Bumpus Barnett

Justin Bumpus Barnett

Software Developer

Justin is a Java wizard and master of object oriented programming. With 9 years of industry experience, his skills have lead to the completion of countless projects. When not conquering code, he enjoys video games and being super loud on Zoom calls.

Headshot of Liz Medsker

Liz Medsker

Project Manager

Liz is an expert cat herder with a background in customer service and account management. When not keeping us on track, she is typically cooking, walking with her fur babies, bowling, or listening to weird music.

Headshot of Daemon Gibson

Daemon Gibson

Linux Systems Administrator

Daemon is a young prodigy in the Systems Administrator world, and with his knowledge of Puppet and Unix / Linux he will take the world by storm. He loves to practice his skills with Cybersecurity Capture the Flag events.

Headshot of Kim Slagle

Kim Slagle

Office Manager

Kim is the master of procurement for CNWR. All things in and out of the door go through her! While she's not hounding us about delivering and verifying product she is our resident office Mom.

Headshot of Drew Anderson

Drew Anderson

Systems Administrator

Drew is an up and coming Systems Administrator who is laser focused on impeccable customer support and getting the job done right the first time. During his free time, he enjoys everything sci-fi, craft beer, good music, and retro video games.

Headshot of Bryce Gray

Bryce Gray

Systems Administrator

Bryce is a network guru, with tons of experience on the Cisco Meraki platform he is more than willing to assist with any networking problem. Bryce is an avid coffee drinker. When he's not at work, Bryce enjoys good liquor and hanging out with co-workers and family.

Trust, Transparency, Reliability

We specialize in networking, system administration, cloud services, phone systems, java code development, Microsoft ASP, Microsoft 365, virtualization and C# programming. Our team features a wide variety of background experience; specifically University of Toledo College of Engineering alumni, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to CNWR. Together, with our insight and wisdom, we can help your company or organization achieve fundamental goals.

When partnering with CNWR, Inc., you benefit greatly. When your technology is tuned by CNWR to the field your company operates in, your business excels. Your company needs and deserves the best IT consulting services available, to ensure it functions at its maximum efficiency, at all times; CNWR does just that.


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