Repetitive tasks are for machines.


I was heading through a drive thru at my local fast food shop to pick up my pancake and syrup soaked sausage breakfast sandwich and carbonated diet beverage (because diet pop erases the calories from the sandwich).  At the window I saw the pop machine drop a cup on to a conveyor belt then proceeded to automatically dispense the correct amount of ice and diet cola into the cup.


It’s not that I found this all that fascinating but it did get me thinking about how automation in all industries is growing at a rapid pace with technology and equipment prices coming down.  Automatic order-taking kiosks are also finding their way in to restaurants.  I filled up at a gas station in the Pittsburgh area and was able to order hot food right at the gas pump (and yes it did taste like something I ordered from a gas pump).


We can automate pop dispensing and food ordering and we can do the same with more complex tasks in your IT environment.  There are a TON of reasons to do just that but the biggest one is saving time.  Lots of time.


Ask your Sys Admin people to account for their time for an entire workday.  It doesn’t have to be too detailed because chances are they are updating and patching or getting ready to update all of your Windows or Linux machines.  Maybe they are spending a majority of their time dealing with adding new employees to troubleshooting and fixing failed deployments.  This is time that could be spent on moving your infrastructure forward.  Your staff have some very innovative ideas to keep your company lean and mean and it’s impossible for them to do that if they are too busy pouring diet cola by hand.


At CNWR we are experts at helping your Sys Admins and Dev Ops gurus automate your system by using a modeling language called Puppet.




Puppet at its core can help you automate a large number of common admin tasks. The best thing is that Puppet is scalable, works across multiple platforms, and is easy to implement and manage.


Ask your Sys Admin people what could have been automated from the time accountability list they just showed you.  If they spent 3 hours per machine provisioning 8 new machines that’s over half a week they spent performing a process that can be easily automated.  The time and money it’s costing you to have your Admins put out fires and to sit and wait for processes to either pass or fail adds up quickly and it can be extremely costly.


We at CNWR have Certified Puppet Lab Engineers on site and are ready to come in and assess your organization’s needs.  We will prioritize an action plan to help you get the most out of your automation and demonstrate the savings to you immediately.  Your Sys Admin people will love the control and freedom they have with Puppet.  No Sys Admin or IT staff on board?  No problem – we can manage that for you.


Give me a call or send me a message to learn more about how we can utilize Puppet to save you time and money!